Frequently Asked Questions

About Shoutout

Q: What is Shoutout?

A: Shoutout is a platform where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or influencers. Our mission is to create the most authentic and memorable fan experiences in the world.

Q: What occasions are Shoutouts good for?

A: Shoutouts are perfect for any occasion! Want to wish your friend Happy Birthday? Roast your buddy? Or just hear from your favorite talent? As long as the request is appropriate, talent will be excited to do your Shoutout!

Q: Do I get to keep my Shoutout?

A: Of course! Download your Shoutout, share it across your social media pages and save it for life! Once it is sent to your email and texted to you – it is yours forever.

Q: How do I contact the Shoutout team?

A: We’d love to chat! Feel free to contact us here -, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: How can I request to join Shoutout as Talent?

A: You can request to join Shoutout here, or just download the iOS or Android App and sign in with Instagram to get verified straight away if you have a large enough following on Instagram.

Booking a Shoutout

Q: How do I book a Shoutout?

A: All of our talent can be found on our website – just search our categories, pick your talent, fill out who it’s for, write your request and you’re good to go!

Q: Are there any rules for Shoutout requests?

A: We like to keep Shoutouts as authentic to our talent as possible, but please be appropriate and kind.
Note: In some cases, your Shoutout request will be rejected if it is inappropriate, explicit or will damage the talent’s image.

Receiving a Shoutout

Q: How will I receive my Shoutout once it’s completed?

A: It will be sent to the email or number that you provided when you ordered. Woohoo!

Q: How do I download my Shoutout?

A: It’s super easy! Just click on the Shoutout link from a desktop or laptop computer and press the blue download button next to the video.

Q: How long will my Shoutout take to be completed?

A: Our talent is given up to 7 days to fulfill their requests, however, they typically complete Shoutouts within a few days. If your request isn’t completed in time, it will expire and you will be refunded.

Q: Is the talent guaranteed to make my Shoutout?

A: We make it our top priority that every customer receives their Shoutout. It is possible that your request could expire, but we do our best to make sure that all Shoutouts are completed.

Q: Can I update my request after I already booked?

A: Yes! Using your confirmation email, you are able to edit or cancel your order request at any time via the link at the bottom of the email.

Q: I see my Shoutout on the website, but haven’t received it.

A: All Shoutouts that appear on our site have been sent to the email you provided, so please be sure to check your spam and search your email! If you still are unable to find it, please email us with your order number and email address you provided when booking to

Q: Can I have a reaction video featured on Shoutout?

A: Absolutely! We’ll feature great reaction videos on our homepage, social media pages and our newsletter – we love seeing our fans reactions! Send them to


Q: How much is a Shoutout?

A: The cost of a Shoutout is set individually by our talent, and therefore the price will range depending on who you request! Talent can change their price at any time but you will only be charged the price you book it for.

Q: When will my credit/debit card be charged?

A: Shoutout will put a hold on your credit/debit card as an authorization until the order is completed. In the event of a cancellation/decline/expiration, the charge will be released and you will see the charge disappear off your bank statement.

Q: I have already been charged, but haven’t received my Shoutout?

A: If you haven’t received your Shoutout yet, we’ve only put a pre-authorization hold on your credit card to ensure funds are available for when talent fulfills your Shoutout request.

FAQ for Talent & Interested Talent

Q: How do I join Shoutout?

A: To join, simply apply on our talents form.

Q: Can I do Shoutouts for charity?

A: Absolutely - we’ve found Shoutouts are a great way to fundraise! A number of people on Shoutout have their funds sent to the charity of their choice.

Q: How time consuming is doing a Shoutout?

A: On average, it takes about 1 minute but it’s completely up to you!

Q: What is the revenue split?

A: All of our talent is on the exact same revenue split - 75% talent’s way, with 25% going to Shoutout. We handle all payment and processing. In order to be fair to all of our talent, this is a non-negotiable rate.

Q: How is the price determined?

A: Talent sets their own price and can change it at any time!

Q: How can I make more money on Shoutout?

A: We see an average of 700%+ increase in bookings when talent lets their fans know that they’re on Shoutout! An Instagram post, a swipe up on your Instagram story, Tweet, Facebook post, or mention/link on your YouTube or channel is a great way to significantly increase your bookings!

Q: Can I refer Talent to Shoutout and get paid?

A: Yes! We have a Talent-to-Talent Referral Program where you’ll receive 5% of the earnings of anyone you refer, for a full year! The 5% is taken out of Shoutout’s cut. Use this to make money while you’re sleeping!

Q: What type of talent are you looking to have on Shoutout?

A: We’re always looking for great talent that wants to better engage with their fan base in a more personalized way, while creating moments that inspire for their fans!

Q: Will Shoutout promote talent joining the platform?

A: Yes, we often promote our talent joining across our social media pages. However, we leave it up to talent to let their fans know that they’re active on Shoutout! The best way to do this is with a mention on your favorite social channels.

Q: Are there costs associated with joining Shoutout?

A: Nope. We handle all payment and processing fees for you!

Q: Is there any obligation to joining Shoutout?

A: There is no obligation and you can leave the site at any time. However, our only ask is that you always complete Shoutout requests to ensure the best possible fan experience.

Q: Can you decline Shoutout requests?

A: Yes. You can decline any request that you feel uncomfortable doing. You can also report requests in which case we may block an individual from requesting again.

Q: Will fans know my contact information if I do a Shoutout?

A: No - we’re your middle man! It’s important to us that we keep your personal information safe and secure.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Money will be deposited in your paypal account for each ~ USD 25 balance you hit.

Q: What if I feel bad about charging my fans?

A: About 90% of Shoutouts are purchased as gifts for your biggest fans! You’re simply providing your fans with currently unobtainable moments that inspire, while monetizing your DMs.

Q: Where can I find Shoutout’s terms?

A: You can find our terms here.

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